Think positive

You know how important a positive air is to success and happiness—to the point where, if you don’t feel it, manufacture it.

Try these tactics:

  • If you don’t feel well and are asked about it, say, “I could use a little more energy.”
  • Avoid saying “can’t.”
  • Eliminate destructive words and phrases from your vocabulary, words like “I hate it when ….”
  • Begin and end your emails, your elevator chats and your day with positive thoughts.
  • Avoid complainers. They may be right, but they’ll wear you out before you can solve the problem.
  • Imagine you’re wearing an invisible, shield that deflects all negative energy.
  • Control your reaction to bad situations, and never waver from the belief that you will succeed.

Source : Adapted from Three Simple Steps, Trevor Blake, BenBella Books.


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