How Strong Is Your Workplace? Ask Yourself These Questions

I recently read First, Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. The authors did a study with the Gallup Organization to find a way to measure strong workplaces, ones that would attract and retain the most productive employees. They came up with a list of twelve questions. Those employees who answered “yes” to them and were happier in their… Continue reading

ASEAN to develop guidelines enhancing workplace compliance

Senior officials from labor and employment ministries of the ASEAN+3 countries gathered in Bali in the third ASEAN Labor Inspection Conference are to discuss ways to develop and explore partnerships enhancing work- place compliance through labor inspection. A favored way to strengthen partnerships and improve country competencies in labor inspection is through developing guidelines. At the opening of the two-day… Continue reading


Does your company allow employees to work onsite after hours?  If so, there are policies and actions you consider concerning safety and security. Forms of Risk The first thing that needs to be considered when constructing policies is the environment of the workplace. There are certain types of jobs that present greater risk over others. This can refer to jobs… Continue reading