Bekasi adm to recruit female negotiators

Bekasi administration’s public order division has announced plans to recruit 31 female field negotiators, says an official. He said that female negotiators were needed to achieve peaceful solutions in the field. “We will offer these jobs to our female colleagues who work in different divisions within the Bekasi administration first,” said head of the administration division of the Bekasi public… Continue reading

The gender trap for women leaders

Some female executives assume they need to act like men to get ahead. But according to recent research, the situation is far more of a balancing act between the widely accepted expectations for leaders and specific gender expectations for women. Consequently, women have to be conscious of which leadership traits they cultivate and which ones they suppress in order to… Continue reading

Women more comfortable working for women-only firms

Women only: A group of hijab-wearing women gathers near the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta. The flourishing beauty-salon business aimed exclusively at women is a dream for some women in the city who consider that working in a same-sex environment is a wise choice. JP/P.J. Leo Fifty-four-year-old Susan said she preferred working as a hair stylist at a… Continue reading

Boosting women’s presence at workplace

March 8 will see the world celebrating International Women’s Day. There are many reasons to celebrate women and girls’ achievements. One obvious achievement we can boast about is that the gender gap in education has reversed in many parts of the world as, now, girls rather than boys are more likely to enter college and graduate. While this is clearly… Continue reading