Kadin to develop training program to boost entrepreneurs

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) says it will adopt its West Java chapter’s “success story” in developing student and novice entrepreneurs in other regions nationwide, in an attempt to boost the number of entrepreneurs in the country. Didik J. Rachbini, the chairman of Kadin’s Economic Study, Research and Development Center, said in a discussion in Jakarta on… Continue reading

Stepping up: How to become an effective HR board director

The position of director is typically a highly fulfilling one but, allied to the satisfaction it can deliver to post-holder, there is considerable additional responsibility that also comes with the job. Directors, of course, act through their boards which exist to ensure the interests of shareholders and stakeholders are fulfilled by organisations, and the extent of their authority is outlined… Continue reading

Five point guide to capitalise on workforce development

An organisation with a communication culture is better equipped for staff retention, business productivity and a more fluid environment of talent mobility. Although there is a distinct link between strong communication skills and business success, many organisations still have a long way to go before embracing the full scale of e-learning resources required to achieve optimum talent empowerment. This is… Continue reading

8 steps to learning a new skill

If you want to keep your job and have any hope of moving up, mastering new skills is a requirement, not a luxury, say experts. “In a fast-moving, competitive world, learning new skills is one of the keys to success. It’s not enough to be smart; you need to always be getting smarter,” says motivational psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson. She… Continue reading

IHRP Human Resources Training Seminars 2013

JANUARY 2013 Effective HR Planning :  2 days : 22 – 23 January 2013 Effective Job Analysis : 1 day : 31 January 2013 FEBRUARY 2013 Effective Handling of Strikes & Lock-outs :  2 days : 14 – 15 February 2013 Effective Job Evaluation : 1 day : 28 February 2013 MARCH 2013 Effective Training Needs Analysis :  1 day : 08 March 2013 Designing… Continue reading