How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

For all of the books (thousands) written on leadership, individuals (millions) who have participated in leadership seminars and dollars (billions) invested in leadership development, too many leadership experts still fail to distinguish between the practice of leadership and the exercise of bureaucratic power. In order to engage in a conversation about leadership, you have to assume you have no power… Continue reading

Avoid 5 traps that divide groups

Bossy know-it-alls make poor team ­leaders. To build unity among your group, display humility and strive to learn from others rather than tell them what to do. Avoid communicating these five destructive messages to your team: 1. I’m smarter than all of you. If you think, “I understand this, and anyone who disagrees doesn’t understand,” you invite dissension. Armed with this… Continue reading

5 techniques to cure your team’s negativity

When teams sputter, conflicts can erupt. Disgruntled participants point fingers, place their own interests above the group and assume negative intent in others. As the leader, you can insist that difficult personalities find a way to get along. Encourage diverse teams to look past their differences. Use these techniques: 1. See the best in people. If you project negative traits… Continue reading

Five ways to be a good listener to your team

Being a good listener is absolutely essential if you want to become a good leader. The worst leaders don’t listen; they’d much rather just talk. It’s the truly effective leaders who know how important it is to communicate better with people by becoming better listeners. Be with the speaker When you are listening to what another person is saying, give… Continue reading

Five ways to identify the strengths of your team

A Successful leader needs to put together a team that can deliver on contracted assignments and think creatively. But it’s equally important to identify the team’s strengths and put them to best use. Here is how: Get the Right Mix Strategic and execution excellence should be one of the crucial attributes of a strong team, says Shaily Gupta, group head-human… Continue reading