How to avoid liability when adding new employees

Hiring great employees is difficult—and legally dangerous. Just a few ill-timed words in a want ad or interview can trigger a legal complaint. Here are the key liability hot spots to watch out for in the hiring process. Employment advertisements An ad that directly or indirectly states a preference for applicants based on gender, age or other protected characteristic is… Continue reading

Need new employees? Hire the ones you let go

The economy is like a pendulum, and when it starts to swing back toward prosperity—as it appears it has started to do—your organization might miss some of those talented employees you had to let go during the recession. Why not hire them back? You can source, hire and train new employees, but there’s something lost—something more than productivity—when you let… Continue reading

HR should be more innovative when it comes to recruiting interns

With companies coming under increasing pressure to make the correct hiring decisions and recruit the best candidates for any available role, HR heads have to be at the very top of their game. Outsourcing has always been available of course, but has rarely offered a professional way of providing companies with interns. All too often, the recruitment of interns has,… Continue reading

Recruitment strategy: A call to action

As an HR director, you and your colleagues have a well-defined organisational recruitment strategy in place, which serves to set the tone, the volume and the specifics for new hires. Right? If you nodded a ‘yes’ to that question, congratulations – you’re ahead of the game. But if you’re shifting uneasily in your seat because you don’t have a comprehensive… Continue reading