What motivates you?

There are basically two types of people in the workplace—those motivated to do well by prevention and those motivated by promotion, writes Heidi Grant Halvorson, associate director of Columbia Uni­­ver­­sity’s Motivation Science Center. For promotion-focused people, do­ing their jobs well is about the potential for advancement, achievement and rewards. It’s about what they might gain if they are successful. For… Continue reading

The Five Deadly Personal-Branding Illusions

What the heck is a Personal Branding Illusion? That’s a good question, but it begs the question “What is a Personal Brand?”, so let’s start there. A personal brand is nothing complicated or smarmy. It’s just a way of describing yourself to people who don’t already know you. People protest “Oh, I don’t have a personal brand, and I don’t… Continue reading

5 steps toward better balance

There’s only so much an organization can do to help employees with their work/life balance. Some of it has to be up to them. As flextime and flex-place have taken hold in organizations, employees are more responsible to determine for themselves how their wellness, personal relationships, personal lives, finances, job skills, networking and the other pieces of their days and… Continue reading

4 smart questions can sell your ideas

Engage others and orchestrate a lively dialogue by blending four types of questions: 1. Today. Get people to reveal their needs and frustrations. You may also want to extract facts and information that help you propose an appropriate solution. Examples of “today” questions: “What initiatives are you working on?”, “What are the most challenging issues you’re facing?” and “What’s your opinion… Continue reading