Becoming a Better Judge of People

In business and in life, the most critical choices we make relate to people. Yet being a good judge of people is difficult. How do we get better at sizing up first impressions, at avoiding hiring mistakes, at correctly picking (and not missing) rising stars? The easy thing to do is focus on extrinsic markers — academic scores, net worth,… Continue reading

The 4Ps of Creating Your Personal Brand

Every one wants to be popular, to be known, to be remembered, to be wanted, to be liked, to be known by a personal brand–the values represented by his/her special traits. In a presentation on creating your own brand, William Chin talks of the three important things to be followed: Make every task an opportunity Make every assignment a project Make it ‘Wow’   – even… Continue reading

4 smart questions can sell your ideas

Engage others and orchestrate a lively dialogue by blending four types of questions: 1. Today. Get people to reveal their needs and frustrations. You may also want to extract facts and information that help you propose an appropriate solution. Examples of “today” questions: “What initiatives are you working on?”, “What are the most challenging issues you’re facing?” and “What’s your opinion… Continue reading

The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control for Success

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO, asked me to discuss the premise of the “marshmallow test” in relation to the future success of entrepreneurs and business leaders. For those unfamiliar with this legendary experiment, in the marshmallow test four-year-olds were given a marshmallow, but told that if they waited seven or eight minutes, they could have two then – not just the… Continue reading