You Have to Treat People in Different Ways : Carlos Brito

Anheuser-Busch CEO says a people-friendly company is a successful company. Carlos Brito is the man who engineered the surprise 2008 buyout of Anheuser-Busch and its iconic American brands and brought them under the umbrella of Brazil’s InBev. A Stanford MBA, the Brazilian-born Brito worked for Shell Oil and Daimler-Benz before joining Brahma, a beer and soft drinks company. Over the… Continue reading

Learn to speak up and stop being shy

Many people get tongue-tied at work for a variety of reasons: shy­­ness, lack of confidence, a perceived lack of power. But in business, it’s important to share your ideas, and speak out effectively. Fortune’s Anne Fisher answered a reader question about learning to speak up at work and offered these tips: Don’t play down your ideas. Affirm to yourself that your… Continue reading

Providing value through your work

Success is not measured by the quality you have in your own work, but by the value you offer others in their work, writes Ben Drake, communications and branding leader at, who offers these value-adding tips: Strive to do well while creating a quality outcome. High-quality work adds value only if the outcome itself is valuable. Do your best at… Continue reading

How to improve self-discipline

Focus is essential for reaching big goals. Here are several tried-and-true ways to limit distractions and narrow your focus so you can get the most important work done. Quit responding to fire drills. Dramas and emergencies will take up just as much of your time as you allow. Instead of handling customer complaints about hold times, use your time to hire… Continue reading