The 3 Levels of Performance Management

Managing and Measuring Organizational Performance Effectively Measuring and managing organizational performance as well as improving performance in business can be viewed and analyzed on 3 different levels. These levels are: organizational performance, team performance and individual performance. All of these different levels of performance have to be linked to each other effectively to make sure all organizational activities on every… Continue reading

‘Ongoing feedback complements employees’ performance’

“The key to an effective performance management system is to equip managers to give feedback on an ongoing basis. The HR community over-engineered the performance management systems and lost touch with the employee whose performance, the process was supposed to enable”, told Shubha K, Director-HR, SunGard to TJinsite, research and knowledge arm of, during an interview about post-appraisal feedback.… Continue reading

Mid-year appraisals good for staff motivation

Appraisals may no longer exist as once-a-year phenomena. A growing number of companies are opting for mid-year – and even quarterly – reviews. The main argument in favor of this trend is that it may not be wise for a company to wait as long as one year to assess employee performances. Whether it is to reward employees for something… Continue reading

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The newly appointed 6th prime minister of Malaysia Dato’ Sri Najib Razak after taking office on 3rd April 2009 said “It must be a government with new approaches for new times – a government that places a priority on performance and result, because the people must come first.” Together with this vision of his new government he also introduced a… Continue reading

Effective Performance Management Training in Bangkok

PROGRAM TITLE Effective Performance Management DURATION  3 (three) days DATES 05 – 07 September 2012 VENUE Hotel Holiday Inn Silom, Bangkok – Thailand PROGRAM DESCRIPTION & OBJECTIVES As we know, each individual employee is an integral part of an organization. Each plays his/her role towards the total performance of the organization. The success and progress of the organization rides on… Continue reading