The Empowerment Trilogy: Part Two

How to Empower Customers This is my second in a three-part series addressing the how-to of my empowerment strategy. In this post, I will look more closely at the concept of empowering customers. First, why empower customers? That is an easy one to address. In today’s digital world, customers expect a level of control. This is true whether your customer… Continue reading

The Empowerment Trilogy: Part One

How to Empower Staff I consider the concept of empowerment to be one of the cornerstones of my success. I am often asked by others how to generate and manage empowerment on a day-to-day basis. The request for concrete information has inspired this next set of blog posts. I offer to you a three-part series in empowerment instruction. Over this… Continue reading

Is Your Job Driving You Nuts?

Be a team player but focus on your job. Take risks but don´t fail. Think out of the box but follow procedure. Tell me the truth but don´t bring me problems. Value employees but fire average performers Help customers but spend less time with them. Work more hours but mind your home life. Organizational contradictions can drive you crazy. To… Continue reading

Employers must develop a social media strategy that does more than push corporate messages

Social media is becoming a critical part of the recruitment and employee engagement tool kit as major organisations adapt to the digital age. The massive rise in prominence of social media in all walks of life has lead many major global organisations to increase investment into social channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook in order to attract and retain talent,… Continue reading