The Hidden Side of Meetings

Managers at every level almost universally complain that many of their meetings are a waste of time. It’s an old story, repeated over and over: “We didn’t have an agenda.” “We didn’t manage the time well.” “We didn’t have the right people to actually make any decisions.” It’s a long list of dysfunctional behaviors that are familiar to just about anyone who… Continue reading

5 steps toward better balance

There’s only so much an organization can do to help employees with their work/life balance. Some of it has to be up to them. As flextime and flex-place have taken hold in organizations, employees are more responsible to determine for themselves how their wellness, personal relationships, personal lives, finances, job skills, networking and the other pieces of their days and… Continue reading

Why internal branding is key to staff satisfaction

The job market may have been in ?turmoil for the ?past few years, but ?talented employees know that if they don’t feel valued by the organisation they work for, it’s still possible to move somewhere they will be appreciated. In an economy that remains unstable, smart businesses will recognise that ?attracting and keeping talent is critical. That’s why the concept… Continue reading

Seven Strategies for Simplifying Your Organization

Over the past several years we have heard hundreds of managers talk about the negative impact of complexity on both productivity and workplace morale. This message has been reinforced by the findings of major CEO surveys conducted by IBM and KPMG [PDF], both of which identified complexity as a key business challenge. Agreeing on complexity as a problem is one thing, but doing something… Continue reading

“Advanced Organization Development” Training in Jakarta, 7-8 October 2013

PROGRAM TITLE Advanced Organization Development DURATION 2 days DATES 07 – 08 October 2013 VENUE Jakarta: Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel PROGRAM OBJECTIVES At the end of this program, participants will be better able to develop organizations capable of implementing the chosen company strategy to realize its vision, accomplish its mission and achieve its objectives. PROGRAM CONTENT This program explores the… Continue reading