5 steps to greater self-confidence

You need great confidence if you want to be a successful leader, writes InPower Consulting President and CEO Dana Theus, who offers five steps to help you boost yours. Pick an area you don’t feel confident in. It could be a skill or an area of knowledge. Find the edge of your comfort zone. “Just fill in these blanks: I feel confident… Continue reading

7 things leaders should not do

Success is as much what you don’t do as what you do. Seven things leaders should not do: What everybody else is doing. Worry about shortcomings. The difference between successful people and really successful people is that the top people are confident, comfortable with who they are and just keep playing to their strengths. Waste time. Try to succeed. It’s not that… Continue reading

Leaders, Choose Your Words Wisely

Even a brief interaction can change the way people think about themselves, their leaders, and the future. Each of those many connections you make has the potential to become a high point or a low point in someone’s day. Each is a chance to transform an ordinary moment into a touchpoint. What is a touchpoint? A touchpoint is an interaction… Continue reading

Positive Leaders Manage Their Mind’s ‘Flashlight’

A high performance leader has to be positive to achieve their desired results, but how do you get into – and stay in – that state? Leadership: A Master Class participant, George Kohlrieser talks about “leading from the mind’s eye” in his courses on high performance leadership at IMD. Focus matters, he says, but in two senses: focusing on positive emotions, and knowing where you’re… Continue reading

The Curse of the B Team

You’ve just walked out of your boss’s office after a talent review session. At the end of the meeting, you received a clear message: although your organization is performing well, your boss believes you have a “B team” with no clear successor to your position — and you’re expected to do something about it. But what isn’t immediately clear. Most… Continue reading