Avoid 5 traps that divide groups

Bossy know-it-alls make poor team ­leaders. To build unity among your group, display humility and strive to learn from others rather than tell them what to do. Avoid communicating these five destructive messages to your team: 1. I’m smarter than all of you. If you think, “I understand this, and anyone who disagrees doesn’t understand,” you invite dissension. Armed with this… Continue reading

Teaching Smart People How to Learn

Any company that aspires to succeed in the tougher business environment of the 1990s must first resolve a basic dilemma: success in the marketplace increasingly depends on learning, yet most people don’t know how to learn. What’s more, those members of the organization that many assume to be the best at learning are, in fact, not very good at it.… Continue reading

Supervising difficult employees? Mend it, don’t end it

It’s a fact—some employees are more difficult to manage than others. Because many disruptive workplace situations are uncomfortable to handle, they’re often ignored or mishandled by managers. The result: a slow wearing-down of employee morale. Rather than ignoring tough situations or automatically getting rid of “difficult” employees, it’s better to learn techniques to effectively manage those situations. Here are tips on handling… Continue reading

Be Careful How You Praise People

In an experiment, people who had been praised for their decision-making skills were 40% more likely to escalate their commitment to a bad decision (in this case, a bad hire) than people who hadn’t been praised. But those who had been praised for their creativity, rather than their decision prowess, were 40% less likely to escalate their commitment than those who hadn’t been praised, says… Continue reading

5 simple ways to salvage a ‘below-standard’ employee

Every manager faces employees who exhibit below-standard performance. These aren’t terrible employees who should be shown the door, but they’re not achieving the quality or quantity of work they’re capable of. Unless the performance issue is addressed directly, it’ll only get worse. Too many managers try to deal with such employees by sending subtle signals. Not smart. According to an… Continue reading