10 Alasan Orang Lebih Memilih Bersikap Cuek

Pada beberapa keadaan, Kita harus berhadapan dengan Orang yang memilih bersikap cuek. Padahal Kita tahu atau setidaknya sedikit merasa bahwa dasar Orang tersebut bukan Orang yang cuek. Akan tetapi pada akhirnya Kita harus merasakan sikap Cuek Dia yang sedikit membingungkan. Jika itu yang Kita alami, tentu saja ada tanda tanya, alasan apa yang membuat Dia lebih memilih bersikap cuek terhadap… Continue reading

Make Your Emotions Work for You in Negotiations

Your emotions matter in negotiations. They fuel your behaviors, energize you, and allow you to strengthen—or distance and damage—relationships with the people you’re negotiating with. But too often, people refuse to acknowledge their full range of feelings because they’re afraid of losing the ability to think rationally and act strategically. So researchers and experts in the fields of psychology and… Continue reading

I’m a leader, not a manager!

  One of Kent’s friends — we’ll call him Roy — is a master craftsman who owns a small business that makes custom wood furniture. After making some cutbacks in 2009, his little company still employs three fine woodworkers, an office supervisor/customer service rep, and an apprentice. What makes Roy unusual is that when he founded his firm a dozen… Continue reading

Become More Data-Driven by Breaking These Bad Habits

Becoming data-driven is a big, profitable deal, as recent academic work shows. I am delighted to see that more and more companies are looking to become more “data driven,” and that the term is penetrating the lexicon ever more deeply. But not every manager is jumping on board with data. Many are threatened by data and work, perhaps subconsciously, to… Continue reading

Exploring The Link Between Emotional Control and Success

  One of the underlying assumptions about success in business is that we have to control ourselves and our emotions. For most of the last century emotions have been a ‘dirty’ word in business. The British stiff upper lip is seen as the pinnacle of control. Emotional Intelligence (for more on EI, read my previous article, Can neuroscience enhance acceptance… Continue reading