Penutupan Perusahaan (Lock Out) Sebagai Salah Satu Hak Pengusaha

Hubungan kerja yang terjadi antara pengusaha dengan pekerja/buruh adalah berdasarkan perjanjian kerja. Perjanjian kerja adalah perjanjian antara pekerja/buruh dengan pengusaha atau pemberi kerja yang memuat syarat-syarat kerja, hak dan kewajiban para pihak. Apabila dilihat dari sisi pengusaha, penutupan perusahaan (lock-out) merupakan hak dasar pengusaha untuk menolak pekerja/buruh sebagian atau seluruhnya untuk menjalankan pekerjaan sebagai akibat gagalnya perundingan. Namun, pengusaha tidak… Continue reading

Retirement Strategy & Planning Training in Jakarta, 13-14 June 2013

PROGRAM TITLE Retirement Strategy & Planning DURATION 2 days DATES 13 – 14 June 2013 03 – 04 October 2013 VENUE Jakarta: Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel PROGRAM OVERVIEW There was a time when the only plan for old age might be to have children; by the time you were past it, they’d be there to take care of you. Or… Continue reading

Five ways to deal with employees’ mistakes

If there is one problem managers would love to avoid, it is dealing with employee mistakes. In an ideal world, everybody would do their work flawlessly and everything would proceed without a hitch. But sine it isn’t a perfect world, managers may as well gear up for the challenge. The idea is not to demoralise the employee, but to help… Continue reading

Promotions: 4 tips to handle them right

Some employees are happy doing what they’re doing and do it well. Others hunger for career development and growth within your organization. In other words, they want a promotion. Providing such opportunities is often just the thing to keep top talent from jumping to another employer. But before you haphazardly start promoting from the ranks, consider the following four tips… Continue reading

Think Twice Before Giving Employees Personal Advice

It happens all the time: An employee approaches someone from HR to ask for help. Most of the time, that’s no problem. But occasionally, HR pros find their work conversations veering dangerously toward inappropriately personal topics—from how to handle retirement investments to life-and-death health care decisions. Should HR professionals give employees personal advice? Think twice before you do. It can… Continue reading