Upcoming Human Resources Management Training Seminars by IHRP Society

Upcoming Human Resources Management Training Seminars by IHRP Society OCTOBER  2017 Developing Effective Teamwork : 02 – 03 October  2017 Effective Personnel Outsourcing : 05 – 06 October  2017 Effective Job Analysis :  30 October  2017 NOVEMBER  2017 Developing Effective HR Balanced Scorecard : 09 – 10 November 2017 Effective Performance Appraisals :  14 – 15 November 2017 Developing The Desired… Continue reading

The 10 most endangered jobs in the world

Robots have not yet fully taken over the workplace, but looks like technology is certainly putting people out of work. Newspaper reporter, mail carrier, meter reader, and farmer top CareerCast’s 2015 list of the most endangered jobs. Other professions that made the list included logging worker, jeweller, flight attendant, drill press operator, insurance underwriter and tailor. Technology has definitely had a negative… Continue reading

Make Your Emotions Work for You in Negotiations

Your emotions matter in negotiations. They fuel your behaviors, energize you, and allow you to strengthen—or distance and damage—relationships with the people you’re negotiating with. But too often, people refuse to acknowledge their full range of feelings because they’re afraid of losing the ability to think rationally and act strategically. So researchers and experts in the fields of psychology and… Continue reading

High-performing staff receive twice average pay rise

Pay differentiation – the varying of pay rewards for staff – was found in 93 percent of firms responding to recent research. According to the survey of 124 UK firms by professional services company Towers Watson, staff singled out for higher salary hikes and bigger bonuses were identified as ‘high-performing,’ receiving average base pay rises 67 percent larger than their… Continue reading

I’m a leader, not a manager!

  One of Kent’s friends — we’ll call him Roy — is a master craftsman who owns a small business that makes custom wood furniture. After making some cutbacks in 2009, his little company still employs three fine woodworkers, an office supervisor/customer service rep, and an apprentice. What makes Roy unusual is that when he founded his firm a dozen… Continue reading