Akhir Maret, batas akhir pembayaran gaji di bawah UMP

Balikpapan (ANTARA News) – Pemerintah Kota Balikpapan memberi waktu hingga akhir Maret 2013 kepada perusahaan-perusahaan yang belum membayar karyawannya dengan standar Upah Minimum Kota (UMK) Rp1.753.000 per bulan. “Kan UMK ini sudah berlaku sejak Januari 2013 lalu. Pengusaha yang belum membayar karyawannya sesuai UMK tersebut kami beri waktu hingga akhir Maret ini untuk menyelesaikannya,” kata Bambang Suroso, Kepala Bidang Pengawasan… Continue reading

Women more comfortable working for women-only firms

Women only: A group of hijab-wearing women gathers near the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta. The flourishing beauty-salon business aimed exclusively at women is a dream for some women in the city who consider that working in a same-sex environment is a wise choice. JP/P.J. Leo Fifty-four-year-old Susan said she preferred working as a hair stylist at a… Continue reading

Expats to pay $100 monthly levy to Depok

The Depok municipality administration has proposed draft bylaws that will require foreign workers to pay US$100 per month to the city and keep them from strategic positions in companies. Depok Social Affairs and Manpower Agency head Abdul Haris said on Wednesday that the central government, which had been collecting the levy, had delegated the task to the administration. “The city’s… Continue reading

Disabled people seek fortune in tourism

A recently introduced special tourism tour initiated by a local NGO working with people with disabilities has proved that physical and sensory limitations could not limit one’s aspirations for a better life and self. Made Subrata smiled as he turned off the engine of the specially designed sidecar scooter, which is part of the fleet for the tour. These scooters… Continue reading

Kadin to develop training program to boost entrepreneurs

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) says it will adopt its West Java chapter’s “success story” in developing student and novice entrepreneurs in other regions nationwide, in an attempt to boost the number of entrepreneurs in the country. Didik J. Rachbini, the chairman of Kadin’s Economic Study, Research and Development Center, said in a discussion in Jakarta on… Continue reading