The gender trap for women leaders

Some female executives assume they need to act like men to get ahead. But according to recent research, the situation is far more of a balancing act between the widely accepted expectations for leaders and specific gender expectations for women. Consequently, women have to be conscious of which leadership traits they cultivate and which ones they suppress in order to… Continue reading

Five ways to deal with employees’ mistakes

If there is one problem managers would love to avoid, it is dealing with employee mistakes. In an ideal world, everybody would do their work flawlessly and everything would proceed without a hitch. But sine it isn’t a perfect world, managers may as well gear up for the challenge. The idea is not to demoralise the employee, but to help… Continue reading

Eight easy, inexpensive ways to create a highly motivated work force

Variable-remuneration plans, although increasingly widespread, do not always achieve their main objective, which is to motivate people. Typically these plans are useful for establishing and communicating business priorities,however, and they can link labor costs to results, which means that remuneration costs increase only in line with business profits, whether economic or otherwise. However, Pablo Maella, a lecturer at the Instituto… Continue reading