10 Business Clichés That Prove You’re Lazy

Recognize any of the platitudes on this list? Here’s why you should stop using them–now. Whipping out a platitude isn’t just annoying. Using some platitudes also shows you’re lazy–and not just in words but in actions: “Work smarter, not harder.” What happens when you say that to me? One: You imply I’m stupid. Two: You imply whatever I’m doing should… Continue reading

Top eight HR risks, and how to handle them

People risks come in many forms. The following are just a few where HR can play a leading role in protecting against and mitigating any potential damage Critical skills shortage What’s the risk? Not having the right people in place ?with the skills you need to compete, ?innovate or grow can seriously hamper ?an organisation’s future. “Look at how many… Continue reading

You Can Prevent Layoffs

When you strip away the fancy jargon, a successful business fundamentally makes more money than it spends. While managers can pull any number of levers to accomplish this, the one they most often choose reads: “Reduce Costs!” And perhaps the most common way they cut costs is to eliminate jobs. This is why we are so familiar with this PR-fueled… Continue reading