Identify costly complexity, simplify procedures: put HR at the heart of business

We’ve all been there: hour-long meetings in which staff add their pennyworth, managers do the right ‘HR’ thing by listening – and then everyone walks out without any decisions being made. Worse still, people leave unsure about exactly what action they are personally meant to be taking as a result. According to groundbreaking research by Warwick Business School and Simplicity… Continue reading

Local workers want govt help to compete

In the lead up to the ASEAN free trade zone in 2015, workers and tourism associations are demanding the government be more transparent in using funds collected from foreign workers to improve the quality of local talent, which will face tougher competition for jobs. For over the past two decades, companies employing foreign workers in Indonesia have been obliged to… Continue reading

Problem Solving & Decision Making Training in Jakarta, 11-12 April 2013

PROGRAM TITLE Problem Solving & Decision Making DURATION 2 days DATES 11 – 12 April 2013 19 – 20 September 2013 VENUE Jakarta : Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Bridge the gap between present challenges and desired solutions with a step-by-step method you can apply to meet whatever difficulties come your way. This unique workshop invites you to bring… Continue reading

SDM adalah Aset Terbesar Manajemen

Banyak pekerjaan-pekerjaan kecil yang dilakukan karyawan kecil. Yang kesemuanya kadang-kadang tak terlihat, sebab tersembunyi di balik sebuah kerja besar. Tapi, mereka yang bekerja di bagian keci tadi adalah penentu keberhasilan sebuah kerja besar, walaupun mungkin tak banyak yang menghargainya. Ketika moratorium CPNS didengungkan banyak calon PNS menjadi gelisah dan berkemungkinan tidak dapat kerja. Alasan moratorium yang diwacanakan karena membengkaknya jumlah… Continue reading

Think Twice Before Giving Employees Personal Advice

It happens all the time: An employee approaches someone from HR to ask for help. Most of the time, that’s no problem. But occasionally, HR pros find their work conversations veering dangerously toward inappropriately personal topics—from how to handle retirement investments to life-and-death health care decisions. Should HR professionals give employees personal advice? Think twice before you do. It can… Continue reading