Should I ‘friend’ my employees?

Research has begun about social media in the workplace with mixed findings. For you, the question is: Should I “friend” my employees on Facebook? Downside: People feel awkward about asymmetrical relationships, whether it’s with their parents or leaders, according to a study from Wharton called “OMG My Boss Just Friended Me.” In another study, only 15% to 30% of employees… Continue reading

Need new employees? Hire the ones you let go

The economy is like a pendulum, and when it starts to swing back toward prosperity—as it appears it has started to do—your organization might miss some of those talented employees you had to let go during the recession. Why not hire them back? You can source, hire and train new employees, but there’s something lost—something more than productivity—when you let… Continue reading

Can money and freebies retain employees?

Companies often use compensation and benefits as dangling carrots to attract, retain and push employees to perform. However, is this really sufficient to stimulate minds, drive innovation and produce exceptional results? Vipul Singh, VP and head HR, ADP India explains,”There are many employers in the market who are willing to lure candidates with great compensation and benefits. But, for the… Continue reading

Five ways to deal with stubborn employees

The key to manage stubborn employees lies in enhanced engagement, communication and trust building. Stress at work, company culture or a manager’s inflexible approach or inability to listen can make an employee stubborn. The key to managing such people lies in enhanced engagement, communication and trust-building. Build Trust Leaders must strive to build a relationship of trust with their subordinates.… Continue reading

Dealing with substance misuse in the workplace

Alcohol and drug misuse is recognised as a society-wide problem but employers don’t necessarily realise the impact it’s having on their workforce and their business. Recent statistics suggest that work stress is now the biggest factor driving people in Britain to alcohol and drugs. Just over half of adults polled by charity MIND said they drank after work, with one… Continue reading