Leadership And The Art of Self-Alignment

The term “engagement”, although not a new term in the business world, has continually struck a chord that seems to resonate stronger as the years go on. What once meant to be a measure of employee satisfaction and buy-in is now seeping, rightfully so, into a yardstick for leaders. Likewise, “alignment” in an organizational application is not a new concept… Continue reading

Don’t lecture: Inject some drama

Before you address a roomful of employees, identify the main point you want to make. Then figure out a memorable way to convey that point. Consider how Jack Welch, General Electric’s former CEO, informed his top managers of the kind of organizational culture he wanted to create. Instead of lecturing them, he injected some drama. In 1992, GE had just… Continue reading

Give your employees negative feedback to improve efficiency

It’s never easy giving people negative feedback, but it’s required, in the interest of bringing out the best in employees. According to research by Columbia University’s Aylet Fishbach and Stacy Finkelstein, negative feedback improved efficiency, more so in people who had been at their jobs a long time. “I had a bright young team member who was almost too cocky… Continue reading

Retaliation: A perception is all it takes

An employee who files a complaint or returns from a leave of absence and shortly thereafter suffers an adverse employment action is likely to smell a retaliation rat. But what’s considered an adverse action? The answer to that question has left courts divided. It used to be that some courts decided that adverse employment actions cover only “ultimate employment decisions,”… Continue reading