Coaching an “Old School” Senior Manager on the Benefits of Virtual Workers

Do you have a Senior Leader that refuses to acknowledge or allow people to work from home like Yahoo’s CEO recently did? If so, is there a way to coach them to “see the light?” Maybe and maybe not. A sensible Step 1 to change their opinion is to share the very real and quantifiable benefits of Virtual Work. After… Continue reading

“Effective Coaching To Improve Job Performance” Training in Jakarta, 4-5 June 2013

PROGRAM TITLE Effective Coaching To Improve Job Performance DURATION Two (2) days DATES 04 – 05 June 2013 28 – 29 November 2013 VENUE Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Andrawina VIP Room, Ground Floor Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 86, Jakarta 10220 – Indonesia PROGRAM OBJECTIVE & DESCRIPTION This workshop is designed to teach participants to recognize and consciously attend to factors… Continue reading

Coaching For Success And Improvement

Coaching For Success And Improvement (By: Nick Terzis ) We live in a constantly changing world and a marketplace that is challenging organisations to strive for sustainable success and improved performance. Even the most successful companies cannot rest on their laurels because today’s excellence is not necessarily the recipe for tomorrow’s success. How many times have we heard that the… Continue reading