Tackle 3 key projects to show HR’s value

Only 23% of execs believe HR plays a key role in shaping company strategy and affecting operating results, says a Deloitte survey.

Demonstrate your relevance by taking on projects that positively influence the bottom line. Focus on the following three areas:

1. Develop leaders. Leadership development is one of the top people-management issues for business success. Follow these steps:

  • Sit down with top executives to define a “good leader”
  • Assess with execs whether your leaders meet that definition
  • Develop a strategy to improve leadership through coaching, mentoring and job assignments
  • Implement a way to measure the results.

2. Become involved in even the smallest acquisitions and expansion projects.Show that you can quickly deliver top talent wherever the company needs it. Provide ready answers to such questions as: What kind of talent do we need? How will we find it? Are the right people currently in the right roles? What personnel moves must we make?

3. Develop a program to retain top employees. Conduct exit interviews to determine why people leave. Categorize employees by their job titles, performance levels and reasons for leaving. Cross-reference each category according to the departed employees’ bosses. Use the data to create a retention program that addresses the top reasons employees leave.

Source : Business Management Daily – HR Specialist


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