Providing value through your work

Success is not measured by the quality you have in your own work, but by the value you offer others in their work, writes Ben Drake, communications and branding leader at, who offers these value-adding tips:

  • Strive to do well while creating a quality outcome. High-quality work adds value only if the outcome itself is valuable. Do your best at work and strive to improve, but make sure you’re using that effort to create something worthwhile and useful to others.
  • Help other people. When it comes down to it, your value to others is about how you help them to better themselves and their work. Shift your focus from what you can do to improve yourself to what can you do to help others improve.
  • Provide value for others now. Fig­­ure out whether what you are do­­ing now benefits others. From your interactions and relationships to your man­­agement and products, are they helping enrich those around you now?

Source : Business Management Daily – Adapted from “Stop Emphasizing the Quality of Your Work and Do This Instead,” Ben Drake, Brazen Careerist’s Brazen Life blog.


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