The Sales Role Multinationals Need in Emerging Markets

If you could hire only one more person for your organization this year, where would you make that hire? Sales? Marketing? Finance? Somewhere else? For many executives battling through economic headwinds in emerging markets, the answer tends to be wherever they think someone will provide the strongest boost to top-line growth, which usually means hiring an additional sales or marketing… Continue reading

Why Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?

What do Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Dietrich Mateschitz (Red Bull), Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX), and Sergey Brin (Google) have in common? Apart from their success as entrepreneurs, they all share one distinct characteristic: extensive cross-cultural experience. Huffington grew up in Athens and studied in London before starting her career as a politician and media entrepreneur. Mateschitz spent considerable time overseas… Continue reading

Lessons From a Job Interview

Last week, Steven Colbert conducted a mock job interview for President Obama. During the course of the interview, he asked the president questions that referred both to his age and the national origin of his birth. Oops. What lessons can employers learn from these few moments of late-night frivolity? Many interview questions may seem innocuous enough, but create serious discrimination… Continue reading

Why Visionary CEOs Never Have Visionary Successors

Microsoft entered the 21st century as the dominant software provider for anyone who interacted with a computing device. Sixteen years later, that dominance is looking threadbare. The reason is failed leadership, and Apple – currently the dominant tech firm for the mobile era – is at risk of making the same mistakes. After running Microsoft for 25 years, Bill Gates… Continue reading

THE PRACTICAL EMPLOYER Lawsuit Highlights the Risk of Unpaid Training Time

Employment Law 360 reports that Hawaiian Airlines has been sued by a group of employees claiming that their mandatory unpaid 10-day customer service training course violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. According to court papers, trainees learned things like federal regulatory requirements and how to use a standard airline software system. … The suit claimed the Fair Labor Standards Act… Continue reading