Is it time to make bold changes?

To launch a change campaign, start by assessing the present situation and then using it as a basis for crafting a better future. At least that’s what most experts would have advised a decade ago.

The new strategy is to begin by envisioning the kind of future you want for your organization. Then assess current conditions and make the necessary changes to advance toward the desired future.

The problem with the old way is you’re locked into the how-it-is-now state of affairs.

By imagining what’s to gain in a year or two by making bold changes now, you can engage in more creative thinking. For example, you might conclude that core aspects of your business model are outdated and that new technologies bring new opportunities.

As you look ahead, you don’t need to adopt a specific vision. You can sketch the future in general terms.

Identify key elements that you’d like to incorporate into the future—and then go back and assess the status quo. What changes must you set in motion now to produce the outcome you want later?

To successfully guide the organization toward a better future, plan a smooth transition. Develop a road map and educate your team on the pace and necessity of following that map.

Take incremental steps so that change isn’t too abrupt. Invite input from your staff on how the various stages of change will unfold. Maintain frequent communication so that everyone understands what’s changing, why it’s changing and how everyone will benefit in the long run.

By : Business Management Daily – Adapted from Leadership Intelligence, John Mattone, AMACOM.


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