How to work more efficiently

Every boss loves an efficient worker, says Adria Saracino, head of outreach at digital marketing agency Dis­­tilled. She has five tips to help you up your efficiency and impress your boss.

  1. Communicate. Before starting on an assignment, summarize your understanding of the instructions in an email to your boss to make sure you’re on the same page
  2. Say “no.” It’s better to say “no” when you need to than to always say “yes” and take on work you won’t be able to do well or on time.
  3. Own your mistakes. Quickly admit to them and take steps to make things right.
  4. Ration your words. Come prepared for meetings and say only what you really need to.
  5. Imitate your boss’s style. Use your boss’s favorite means of communications, even if it’s not your own. It will help you get information from her as quickly as possible.

Source : Business Management Daily – Adapted from “5 Secrets to Boosting Your Efficiency” Adria Saracino, Business Insider


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