How to improve self-discipline

Focus is essential for reaching big goals.

Here are several tried-and-true ways to limit distractions and narrow your focus so you can get the most important work done.

  • Quit responding to fire drills. Dramas and emergencies will take up just as much of your time as you allow. Instead of handling customer complaints about hold times, use your time to hire adequate staff, give them the training they need and adjust the phone system.
  • Pull your gaze away from problems. Racing car drivers say it’s important not to look at the obstacle you’re afraid of crashing into because your eyes will lead you right into a collision. Instead, focus on where you want to go and your steering will magically follow.
  • Over-practice discipline. In the same way that baseball players practice with weighted bats to make the real bat swing more easily, you can improve your focus by adhering to your schedule and other good habits.

Source : Business Management Daily — Adapted from Executive Toughness, Jason Selk, McGraw-Hill


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