Five ways to deal with stubborn employees

The key to manage stubborn employees lies in enhanced engagement, communication and trust building.

Stress at work, company culture or a manager’s inflexible approach or inability to listen can make an employee stubborn. The key to managing such people lies in enhanced engagement, communication and trust-building.

Build Trust
Leaders must strive to build a relationship of trust with their subordinates. “Trust is the basic foundation of interpersonal relationships,” says Shaily Gupta, group head, HR, at Edelweiss Financial Services.

Listen Patiently
Patient listening creates a positive environment that can help iron out misinterpretations. “Focus on their positives rather than their stubbornness,” says Dhruv Desai, head, HR and leadership academy at Angel Broking.

Document Tasks
To ensure the employee understands the task allotted, the leader should document the communication. ” Follow up discussions with an e-mail that summarises what’s expected,” suggests Desai. Show Direction Leaders need to constantly strive to show the path to their teams. ” Walk the path with the employee and keep showing the direction,” says Gupta.

Highlight Successes
To build positivity and manage members, a little open acceptance of the work done or a few words of appreciation could sometimes work wonders.

By : The Economic Times


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