Expats to pay $100 monthly levy to Depok

The Depok municipality administration has proposed draft bylaws that will require foreign workers to pay US$100 per month to the city and keep them from strategic positions in companies.

Depok Social Affairs and Manpower Agency head Abdul Haris said on Wednesday that the central government, which had been collecting the levy, had delegated the task to the administration.

“The city’s revenues will increase if the bylaw is approved,” he said, adding that the two draft bylaws were on permit extensions for foreign employees and on permit renewal levies.

Abdul said the levy was aimed at monitoring the number of foreign workers in the city and to minimize the social gap between foreign and local workers, adding only 60 out of 100 foreign workers routinely reported to the administration.

The draft bylaw on permit extensions for foreign employees also limits the number of foreign workers allowed to occupy strategic positions in companies.

By : The Jakarta Post

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