5 Ways to Turbo Charge Onboarding at the Dawn of a New Hire’s Tenure

There is an old saying used among mountaineers and hikers: “An hour in the morning is worth two in the afternoon.” That phrase rings true in many parts of life. We have all experienced times when success was based on previously-laid foundations. It certainly holds true for new employees joining organizations. What happens during those early days of onboarding has… Continue reading

Startup CEOs Reveal the 1 Question They Ask Every Job Candidate

Part of the appeal of running your own business is that you get to hand-pick exactly who you work alongside each day. But let’s face it: it seems as if no matter how much you vet each candidate, you never quite know what you’re going to get. The hiring process is challenging, especially for newer business owners. Determining whether an… Continue reading

6 min read This Nonprofit Acts Like a Tech Startup. Why Don’t More Nonprofits Do the Same?

When it comes to using technology to solve humanity’s problems, so much more can be done. That’s how Chase Adam feels about it anyway. “It’s crazy that there are huge engineering teams figuring out how we can add a different filter to our photos, but there are so few people using the Internet and technology to bring education or health… Continue reading

Job Vacancy: Office Manager

THE JOB Office Manager THE JOB LOCATION South Jakarta THE MAIN TASKS To effectively manage all office functions of a small office including finance, accounting, tax, personnel & general affairs THE PROFILE OF THE CANDIDATE Excellent management & leadership skills Male or Female, between 30 and 45 years Knowledge of finance, accounting, tax , labor law and general affairs Intelligent, energetic, highly disciplined and hard working… Continue reading

IHRP Team Building Facilitation

IHRP team building facilitators can greatly improve the effectiveness of your team building corporate event. Through our team building facilitation program your workforce will be provided feedback, and so be able to transfer the new skills learned on a corporate event back to the office environment. As the goals of a team building event vary from event to event so… Continue reading