Why Risk-Takers Make the Big Bucks

What’s more exciting, a cross-country skier trudging across the terrain or a downhill racer risking life and limb at 90 miles per hour? Of course it’s the latter, and that’s why we watch. Even in professional sports like tennis where physical injuries rarely occur, it takes guts to compete with millions watching and everything on the line, not to mention… Continue reading

3 Ways to Inspire Your Team’s Best Work

Having a motivated, inspired team means being a leader, not just a boss. This starts with words and actions that spark magic and not just the bare minimum. Watch as Daniel Lubetzky, the founder and CEO ofKIND Healthy Snacks; Jim Koch, the founder and CEO of Boston Beer Company, the brewhouse known for the Sam Adams craft beer brand; and… Continue reading

The Big Lie of Hiring for Cultural Fit

You know the drill. You did the work sourcing great candidates, selling them on the opportunity at your company with the mission, the vision — the whole deal. You took the time to set up a live interview with the hiring manager. Then the post-interview feedback came back: They didn’t like the candidate. You did the reasonable thing and asked… Continue reading

10 Reasons Not to Build a Mobile App

The mobile-app world is exploding at the seams, with estimates as high as 10,000 apps appearing in app stores every day. With all this momentum, it’s easy for a company to get caught up in the hype and think that a mobile app is their short cut to an initial public offering (IPO). Before you get carried away with visions… Continue reading

5 Bonuses Employees Love No Matter What the Time of Year

It’s the end of the year, which for many employees means holiday bonus season. Originally, monetary holiday bonuses were intended as appreciation for employees — and help with the extra expenses they incur this time of year. But is a bigger paycheck once a year still the best way to engage employees and acknowledge their hard work? A 2015 Glassdoor… Continue reading