12 Most Deadly Sins of Public Speaking

Speaking in front of an audience can be a major source of stress. However most speakers can still give a great presentation if they stay away from these bad habits. Here are twelve behaviors to avoid when you’re on the platform. 1. Little to no preparation Even professional speakers practice relentlessly. Their skill is in relaying their message as if… Continue reading

Sikap Peduli Pasti Memberikan Hasil

“Karyawan tidak akan peduli seberapa banyak Anda tahu, sampai mereka mengetahui seberapa sungguh Anda peduli.” Komunikasikan dulu kepedulian Anda pada para karyawan, barulah kemudian Anda dapat meminta mereka melakukan sesuatu. Karyawan adalah orang-orang biasa yang akan memberikan tanggapan bila seseorang dengan tulus memedulikan mereka. Ini bukan berarti kita harus memberikan apa pun yang mereka kehendaki. Namun, kita harus menunjukkan minat… Continue reading

5 Steps To Work Life Sanity in Today’s Social World

For most of us, regardless of our belief system, the holidays are a wonderful time. Its also the time of year when expectations are most out of whack, when we feel the most pressure to balance work, personal life and responsibility to others. Too often, personal life gets short shrift: we’re caught up in closing the 4th quarter and year-end, we’re… Continue reading

Abridged Job Descriptive Index

The Job Descriptive Index (JDI) and related scales are frequently used by academic researchers and workplace professionals as a means of measuring employee attitudes such as job satisfaction. These scales are easy to administer, easy to read, simple in format, and scores may be compared to those from a nationally-representative sample of United States workers. About the scales For more… Continue reading