3 Small Things Every Person Can Do to Reduce Stress in Their Office

In a world of tight deadlines, it’s no wonder that some of your stress might seep out and affect your colleagues. But — because they’re under pressures of their own — you risk perpetuating a vicious circle, where you mirror and magnify each other’s frenzy. You can’t control their behavior, but you can take charge of your own. There are… Continue reading

How to Get Your Team to Follow Through After a Meeting

Any team leader knows that it’s what happens between project meetings that makes or breaks a project. And yet it’s often challenging to keep a team motivated and focused on getting agreed upon tasks done. Ideally you’ve checked that everyone is aligned and agreed on next steps but assigning tasks and deadlines is usually not enough. After all, once you’ve… Continue reading

Prinsip dan Cara Melakukan Perencanaan SDM

Perkembangan dan pertumbuhan perusahaan perlu didukung dengan sumber daya manusia yang kompeten dan memiliki kinerja yang unggul. Proses penyiapan sumber daya manusia yang kompeten dimulai melalui proses perencanaan SDM yang sistematis. Melalui perencanaan SDM inilah dilakukan penetapan strategi untuk memperoleh, memanfaatkan, mengembangkan, dan mempertahankan SDM sesuai dengan kebutuhan perusahaan sekarang dan pengembangannya di masa depan. Perencanaan SDM harus dimulai dari… Continue reading

How to Make Employment Fair in an Age of Contracting and Temp Work

Every day, many of us eat at restaurants, stay at hotels, receive packages, and use our digital devices with the assumption that the company we pay for these services — Hilton, Amazon, Apple, etc. — also employs the people who deliver them. This assumption is increasingly incorrect: Our deliveries are often made by contractors and our hotel rooms are cleaned… Continue reading

What Creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today

What makes marketing creative? Is it more imagination or innovation? Is a creative marketer more artist or entrepreneur? Historically, the term “marketing creative” has been associated with the words and pictures that go into ad campaigns. But marketing, like other corporate functions, has become more complex and rigorous. Marketers need to master data analytics, customer experience, and product design. Do… Continue reading