Capitalize on your staff’s best skills

Sixty percent of employees feel dissatisfied with their jobs, according to research by Accenture. The reasons include low pay, dead-end work and constant pressure to do more with less.

Because unemployment figures remain high, many employees stay put even if they dislike their jobs. If you manage people who seem detached, take these steps to en­­gage employees so they don’t sit and stew:

1. Identify what tasks they enjoy most. Look for ways to match job responsibilities with individuals’ preferences. Let a math whiz crunch numbers and analyze actuarial tables. Assign a gregarious personality to survey customers or suppliers.

2. Create a supportive work environment. Even if people work long hours for little pay, you may ward off their burnout by modeling positive behavior. A culture built on teamwork and mutual respect lifts everyone’s spirits.

Reserve time in meetings to praise exceptional performance and urge your team to do the same. Take every opportunity to celebrate superior effort or completed projects.

3. Collect customer testimonials. Solicit input from internal and external customers on your team’s performance. Sharing the most complimentary feedback will give your people a motivational boost and basking in client praise also provides another chance to celebrate what’s good and keep malcontents at bay.

Source : Business Management Daily – Leadership Executive – Adapted from “Take This Job—and Love It!,” Elaine Pofeldt, Money


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