Application, Rejection & Cancellation of Visit Visa & Limited Stay Visa

Application Procedure of Visit Visa and Limited Stay Visa The New Regulation sets out different application procedures for different types of procedures of visa applications. There are different kinds of procedures for: 1. visitor visas and limited stay visas submitted by foreign nationals to the Director General of Immigration; 2. visitor visas and limited stay visas submitted by sponsors of… Continue reading

Leaders Can Turn Creativity into a Competitive Advantage

In 1985, Peter Drucker made a hopeful case for an entrepreneurial society in which innovation and the creation of new businesses would more than compensate for job losses stemming from the retreat of manufacturing industries in the U.S. and other developed economies. Since then, the U.S. has increasingly come to rely on innovation and entrepreneurship to drive growth — but… Continue reading

HR Can’t Change Company Culture by Itself

A strong culture is vital for organizational success – as evidenced by the relationship between culture and leadership, employee commitment, customer satisfaction, and innovation. But “strong” doesn’t mean fixed. As the organizational goals and strategy change over time, so too should culture intentionally be changed. The best leaders ask, “Who do we need to be (culture) in order to achieve… Continue reading

Make Your Strategy More Agile

Can you run fast and go deep at the same time? Originating from agile software development, the sprint has entered the business mainstream as an increasingly popular means to accelerate business model, product, or service innovation. Sprints break an otherwise long, complex process into sizable, achievable chunks that can be accomplished at greater speed. As Google Ventures’ five-day method has… Continue reading

The Sales Role Multinationals Need in Emerging Markets

If you could hire only one more person for your organization this year, where would you make that hire? Sales? Marketing? Finance? Somewhere else? For many executives battling through economic headwinds in emerging markets, the answer tends to be wherever they think someone will provide the strongest boost to top-line growth, which usually means hiring an additional sales or marketing… Continue reading