An HR Professional with more than 25 years experience at one of the largest Indonesian group of companies. Currently owns a executive recruitment & selection firm.

Your Job Ads Suck

Imagine you’re a candidate. You’re doing the job seeking that we, as recruiters, think we understand so well. Candidate you types search terms into Google, Indeed, Monster or Bing (just kidding, no one uses Bing) and off you go… to sort through job adslike the one below. I challenge you to read it, but most of you probably won’t. Why?… Continue reading

Arman Soegito & Associates : Services For Job Seekers

Services For Job Seekers I search for you ! I understand that in today’s marketplace, things have changed. First, recruiters aren’t as effective as they were in the past because companies are not paying recruiting fees like before. Second, job boards have permanently altered the effectiveness of recruiters as companies often post positions with the misconception that they will find top… Continue reading

Personnel Recruitment Services

Since 2005, Arman Soegito & Associates provide professional recruitment and selection services to many Indonesian and foreign companies & organizations and enjoys an enviable reputation in the supply of executive recruitment and staffing solutions. We have recruited and selected more than 250 top and senior executives for clients in the following industry sectors: Agro-Industry Manufacturing Engineering & Contracting Finance :… Continue reading