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Services For Job Seekers

I search for you ! I understand that in today’s marketplace, things have changed.

First, recruiters aren’t as effective as they were in the past because companies are not paying recruiting fees like before. Second, job boards have permanently altered the effectiveness of recruiters as companies often post positions with the misconception that they will find top talent. Often, they do not have the manpower in place to find the qualified candidate in the mass of applicants. The result: total gridlock in the HR department.

This is where I come in.
My goal is to use non-traditional recruiting methods to maneuver through current obstacles in placement services. I act as your Executive Talent Agent, working closely with you in defining your ideal position, and ultimately get your resume directly in front of the decision makers.

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About armansoegito

An HR Professional with more than 25 years experience at one of the largest Indonesian group of companies. Currently owns a executive recruitment & selection firm.
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