Indonesian HR Who’s Who

InfoSDM is developing an Indonesian HR Who’s Who list that will serve as a reference work on Indonesian prominent HR Professionals. Inclusion in Indonesian HR Who’s Who, unlike many other publications, will not involve any payment by the subject. Inclusion … Continue reading

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Supervising difficult employees? Mend it, don’t end it

It’s a fact—some employees are more difficult to manage than others. Because many disruptive workplace situations are uncomfortable to handle, they’re often ignored or mishandled by managers. The result: a slow wearing-down of employee morale. Rather than ignoring tough situations or automatically … Continue reading

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Learn to speak up and stop being shy

Many people get tongue-tied at work for a variety of reasons: shy­­ness, lack of confidence, a perceived lack of power. But in business, it’s important to share your ideas, and speak out effectively. Fortune’s Anne Fisher answered a reader question … Continue reading

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Providing value through your work

Success is not measured by the quality you have in your own work, but by the value you offer others in their work, writes Ben Drake, communications and branding leader at, who offers these value-adding tips: Strive to do … Continue reading

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5 tips to help co-workers hear your ideas

Build buy-in by ‘noticing out loud’ It sounds simple but it takes empathy and awareness. Test the technique with a waiter or salesperson (“You’ve pointed out features I didn’t even notice—that was so helpful!”), and then watch how his or … Continue reading

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Gubernur Jabar Berharap tak Ada Gugatan untuk UMK 2014

Gubernur Jabar Ahmad Heryawan berharap UMK 2014 di Jabar yang telah ia teken Kamis (21/11/2013) malam, tidak akan berbuntut gugatan. Ia juga berharap perusahaan tidak mengajukan penangguhan atas penetapan UMK 2014 tersebut. Hal itu disampaikan Heryawan saat ditemui di Gedung … Continue reading

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Ribuan sarjana kesulitan peroleh informasi lowongan pekerjaan

Lebih dari 66.000 lulusan sarjana baru di Indonesia tidak terserap perusahaan dan berpotensi menjadi pengangguran, karena kesulitan mendapatkan informasi dan akses lowongan pekerjaan di berbagai perusahaan. Managing Director JobsDB (portal pencari kerja), Ariadi Anaya, di Surabaya, Senin, mengemukakan sebagian pencari … Continue reading

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Job Vacancy: Office Manager

THE JOB Office Manager THE JOB LOCATION South Jakarta THE MAIN TASKS To effectively manage all office functions of a small office including finance, accounting, tax, personnel & general affairs THE PROFILE OF THE CANDIDATE Excellent management & leadership skills Male … Continue reading

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Pekerja dengan HIV/AIDS tetap peroleh jaminan kesehatan

Menteri Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi, Muhaimin Iskandar mengingatkan bahwa tidak boleh ada diskriminasi dalam dunia kerja, termasuk kepada para pengidap HIV/AIDS dalam mendapatkan layanan kesehatan. Berdasarkan Permenakertrans no. 20/2012 tanggal 19 November 2012 yang merupakan Pelaksanaan dari PP 53/2012 tentang … Continue reading

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Be Careful How You Praise People

In an experiment, people who had been praised for their decision-making skills were 40% more likely to escalate their commitment to a bad decision (in this case, a bad hire) than people who hadn’t been praised. But those who had been praised … Continue reading

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Mulai Tahun Depan akan Ada 2 Macam UMP

Pemerintah membuat formulasi baru untuk penentuan upah minimum provinsi (UMP) tahun 2014. Rencananya akan ada dua macam UMP yang ditetapkan, yaitu UMP untuk industri besar dan UMP untuk industri padat karya. Menteri Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi (Menakertrans) Muhaimin Iskandar mengatakan … Continue reading

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